Here it begins……

Wow….Baby steps…indeed…I m so new to blogging that it scares me if I am even doing this post right….or whether it would be posted by the end of this rather lame…monologue-ish outburst of words coming right your way. I have been dying to find a way to chronicle a couple of projects (achievements 😉 ) that are being undertaken since this lovely start of my newbie housewife phase(unemployed :D)…..I am in no way an expert in house-keeping or organizing your life affairs in general but I am slowly starting to find out ways to make it easy for me and not loose it (pun intended)….The Indian market, e-commerce included ,is not presenting us with a lot of opportunities to streamline our lives better….no manila folders available….no bookplate labels…or may be I am looking for things that are too inspired from the american design blogs I have been following like crazy.

Anyways, to sum it up I want to start finding some easy ways of Indian-izing these ideas I come across regarding home, interiors, design, organizing and general housekeeping….with the resources available to us all….I hereby promise to keep most of my purchases bound to e-commerce websites available to all or the local groceries store we can all run to. Hoping to keep the promise and take this somewhere.

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