Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Decorating with functional aspects in mind seems like an insurmountable challenge at times, more so when you are also looking for some fun elements to go along with your otherwise bland day-to-day bathroom cabinet. Living in a rental there is only so much you can add to a room without making anything permanent as well as too expensive. When we first moved in there was no mirror above the basin so the obvious choice was a bathroom cabinet with mirror but wood seemed too unreliable a material for a place that’s constantly getting wet and plastic was too flimsy as well as not sturdy enough.

I came across this stainless steel mirror finish cabinet that suited my requirements as well as space. I know it would be there with me even when I move in future so it seemed worth the investment and I got a 25% off as well.


Here’s what it looks like


An inside view


  • The best thing about the cabinet is that the overall mirror finish does not crowd this really narrow niche of a space that it hangs on and reflects light so keeps the space from looking too dull.
  • It cleans like a dream with little effort and you have to take very little care of it.


The worst thing would also be the same finish in my opinion, reflections of all the small knick-knacks inside crowds it visually for me…but I have something in mind for that….more on that later.

All in all…a good purchase.




I was clueless how to go about accessorizing it mostly because I did not want it to be dull like every other bathroom cabinet with the generic supplies. I used these jars from Roxx to put my Q-tips and cotton buds to give this space a little personality and added this unique toothbrush holder from UMBRA. I found some stick-on stainless steel finish hooks that add a little illusive seamless finish and a pair of multi-purpose cable organizers act as my toothbrush holders. I love it when we can re-use organizers for different purposes. Well this is what I came up with and it perks up my day in the morning when I find things neat and in place.

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