DIY……discarded glass spray painted

I often have this (last-in-a-set-of-6) odd glass left from it’s previous glory days that irks me like anything because I do not want to through it away add to that a small chip on the rim. I still did not want to throw it away…so the recycle genie inside me spoke the magic words……SPRAY PAINT…..IN GOLD..


Step 1: Tape your glass according the areas you want to cover. In order to attain even spacing put some tape after every stripe and remove before spraying.


Step 2: Invert the glass on the underside of a place mat and spray evenly from a feet, keep on rotating your place mat as you try cover all sides of the glass. Repeat the coat after 10 minutes and leave for about 2 hours. Do not forget to wear gloves and sit in the opposite direction of the wind if you are doing this outside.



Step 3: Remove tapes carefully and have a nice laugh about your splendid new vase.


I taped up the glass intentionally leaving the rim with the chip to be spray painted to cover up that anomaly and now I proudly possess a cute little vase or brush holder or something like that.

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