Kitchen Organization – Glassware and cups

In a typical Indian kitchen your daily glassware and ceramics are a pain to organize. We do not access them as much as the steel utensils yet we need them handy. Whenever I would stack my glasses one after the other I would have to be extremely careful while taking them out as they could (and have) just topple down the shelf even with a light touch. So my solution was…..BASKETS and LEVELS.


Products used: 4 (3 baskets and 1 Helper Shelf)


Source 1  


       Source 2 (This is close to what I bought )


The space I had was very tiny, so I made multiple  measurements when I went shopping for baskets and the helper shelf.

1. I use a basket so that when I take a single glass out, there is no scope for others to fall as they are now securely contained(do not use huge baskets as they could get really heavy when filled with all your glassware).

2. Also the corner of this shelf was inaccessible so I put some least used items in a basket and stacked them at the back, this way whenever I need them I can just take down only a couple of things and get everything in a jiffy.

3. I made use of a microwave grill to create levels and stack all the microwave glassware on it as well as under it.

4. The helper shelf is a pretty good way for maximizing space in such tiny cabinets. It was a few inches short of fitting any more glasses on top, but the cups fit perfectly. This shelf in particular has protective edging and keeps the cups safe even if the bottom supports get rocked a little.


I hope this helps you….ciao.

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