DIY Spray Painted Tray


A typical serving tray that we find in Indian markets in the 50-100 rupees bracket is usually medium sized and rather mundane with flowers or digitally printed landscapes and quotes. Needless to say, I had a similar one lying around the house which had lost its previous sheen and looked a bit shabby. I am just making all that up to explain why I chose to paint a perfectly good tray….ok here is the truth…I just needed something pretty and gold to stare at in the dining area. So, without further delay and in continuation with my white and gold fascination, here comes another DIY- spray paint tutorial.

Products needed : Any medium sized tray, gold and white spray paints, painter’s tape(1 inch thick), basic stationery supplies (ruler,scissors… you know the drill)


Step 1: Coat the tray with light spray of white paint (vigorously shake the can before use and do remember to start away from the tray, to get rid of the first burst of excessive paint coming from the nozzle). I went with three coats as I could still see the colors from the original tray after the second coat.

* A word of advice for first time spray painters, do not ever press the nozzle too aggressively to get more paint out. It would be better to go with one more light coat than put excessive paint in one coat only as the edges usually accumulate all the paint and then it peels off (true story).

** Always follow continuous horizontal side to side swipes across the tray while spraying the paint to get an even spread.


Step 2: Wait a whole day and may be more to let the paint dry completely and keep the thoughts of touching it “just to see if it has dried” to yourself…..


Step 3: Mask the tray in your preferred design or pattern, nautical stripes or simple diagonals or stenciling. I chose to do a random pattern. A good idea here to get perfect parallel lines would be to put adjacent tape lines, to keep the distance equal and then remove the lines you don’t need. I didn’t do that, I chose to do it randomly with some guesstimation.


Step 4: Paint two coats of gold spray paint again after carefully shaking the can and keeping it 8-12 inches away for even coverage.


Step 5: Next step is fairly simple just carefully remove the strips off the tray after again waiting a day preferably. You can also improve upon some goof-ups or blotches, but if you have done the taping carefully(i.e. not leaving any air bubbles) then you should be fine.



TIP: I have not tired it personally (because I am lazy) but I have read this tip many times. After taping if you do one more coat of the base color i.e. white in this case then all the air bubbles and taping botches would be closed off. The gold paint would not seep in there any more, so basically you should have a botch-less stripes.

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