How to remove leftover label adhesive?…with peanut butter


I have wanted to recycle and if possible up-cycle empty plastic containers of Colin, ever since I starting making my own concoction of a wood cleaner/polisher. But one thing would always get in the way whenever I would peel the labels off….the sticky-translucent-gooey adhesive leftover on both sides of the bottle. I tried soaking in warm water and careful scrubbing with vinegar but nothing worked, partly because you can not be over zealous with scrubbing as it would lead to permanent scratch marks on your bottle. In the end I decided to try the craziest of all ideas I came across……PEANUT BUTTER and it worked!!!! I am feeling all giddy and happy like one of those tele-shopping girls.

Products used: Peanut butter


Just slather on Peanut butter on the sticky portions. I used mine very sparingly and just barely covered the sticker, mostly because I was apprehensive about the results.


Give it 10-15 mins and when you do wanna peek try and remove with firm hands and a dishcloth only the slightest possible amount from the corner as a test patch.


If it comes of as easily as it did in my case then you are good to go otherwise just give it some more time. Down below is how a cleaned up bottle looks when done from both sides.

remove-leftover-label-adhesive-peanut-butter-4   Bonus Thrifty Tip: If you wipe carefully enough then use the leftover butter from one side on the other-side as well, some amount is salvageable. (P.S. I hear this method is good for under-the-shoe price labels as well.)

And a here’s a candid before and after.


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