Daily Makeup Organization + Free Printable


Today, when I was going through a routine cleaning atop the chest of drawers in my bedroom I realized my daily-makeup organizer has not been a topic on the blog yet. So here we are….let’s see how I keep my essential makeup and skin care items handy for a quick touch up before I step out.

Product used: Interdesign Med Plus Multi-Level Organizer or InterDesign Med+ Catch All.

This organizer was actually intended for my bathroom medicine cabinet but despite all the measurements I took, it ultimately did not fit. So, I ended up using this clear organizer for my makeup essentials that I needed easy access to without going through piles of products.


It’s always exposed so accumulates some dirt but I love how accessible everything is and it is so easy to clean the acrylic surface. I typically use a microfiber cloth and a sanitizer for all all my skin related products and now I prefer it for the organizer as well, as it comes in contact with my brushes and other tools.
The next thing I did was take out all the products and give them a wipe down. Here, I have segregated them in little clusters to show you how I group them category-wise when placing on the organizer.


I have put the items I need the most before stepping out in positions 1 to 6 shown below in the organizer and the subtler shades of my lipsticks adorn the front of it, the eye makeup and the tool/brushes are longer so they go in the two vertical sections on the left and right respectively.


I have placed this organizer right in the middle tier of a three stepped shelf and I keep the rest of my basic get-ready-quick products like sunscreen, face mist, foundation, roll on deodorant etc. on the top tier. Everything is easy to grab and visually accessible yet segregated, it all makes the morning routine pretty steam lined and does not cause a clutter situation. I keep my blushes, bronzers and eye-shadows in the cute handcrafted organizer on the right. The right corner of the bottom tier holds hubby’s daily needs (not pictured here), yup….that’s all the space I leave for him ;).


Now, on to the printable….let me give you a bit of the back story first. I have no shame in admitting that there was a time when I did not know of the term makeup expiration, in my sweet little ignorant world makeup products lasted forever. So, albeit late but when I did realize the horror of my wrongdoing I vowed to keep a track of all my makeup purchases and I am proud to say that I have been quite consistent with my resolve. Down below I have shared a glimpse of how I do that and fortunately. while writing this post I realized I have an expired product and now I have checked it into my shopping list, therefore the tick-mark. This printable has been super helpful in curbing my urge-to-splurge on makeup as well, since I have a copy of it saved in my phone I just refer to it first and see how long do I have left on a lipstick before unnecessarily buying another one. You can see a blank column here that says purchase where I am going to put down my purchase/begin-usage dates from now on-wards, as I have been recently informed by a CLINIQUE SA that a ’36 months’ expiration applies from the date you open a sealed product. I am not too sure and will only apply this new found knowledge once I have double checked this theory.

Makeup-printable-format If you wish to have a handy list like this please download the pdf below. Makeup-expiration-printable.

P.S. It says MOM in front of some products as I keep a track of some of her products too. 🙂

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