Organizing and Managing your Cords


Cords are mayhem…..period. I wish they were not absolutely necessary for daily existence of the gadgets'(read…this crazy lady). It makes me cringe every time I find an empty charger plugged into a socket with dangling wire. But over time and with great difficulty I have come up with my own little ways of handling the cord clutter and they have been working quiet well for me. Since my organizing mood changes like the season and I might do something else altogether later, for now lets take a peek at what’s been happening in the CORDS Organization Department (I highly recommend that it should be official for every household….).

1. Grouping – Start with prioritizing and dividing your cords(that sounded biological…) in two groups as daily and occasional, just like your wardrobe. Daily including mobile chargers, laptop chargers, mouse, camera (for me) and occasional including web cam, some data cables, hard drives, pen drives.


2. Accessibility – Decide where you want to put everything. I chose a discarded pack-of-six-cup-packaging-box(shown below) ,covered it with wrapping paper, for the occasionals . Drawer dividing baskets(bought from local market about 30-40 rupees a piece) for the dailys. Together they are put up in a drawer (that they share with some towels) in a chest in my bedroom. Two clear plastic boxes(also salvaged from packaging material for jewelry) hold pen drives and hard drive at the back of the drawer. A giant metallic spoon-rest(that I was not using in the kitchen) by the bedside holds my headphones. I chose bedside for my headphones because I need them often when watching movies/videos at night without disturbing the hubby. So, moral of the story place them however it suits your needs.


Cords box


Drawer Dividing Baskets


3. Un-entangling – I use various small methods and tools to avoid dangling entangled wires everywhere. Velcro straps are great for corralling gadgets and wires in place when putting them in the cords box. Cable drops for hanging the laptop charger pin on hold by the bedside when not in use, charger caddys and cable ties(shown below) are also effective in minimizing the mess.




1. Reusable cable ties 2. Cable drops 3. Velcro straps 4. Charger Caddy

4. Handy tricks – I came across this awesome way of keeping your headphones from becoming a pile of mess and knots and I swear by it. It took a little while to get a hold of but it is really useful. I also labelled the inside of the box with hand written sticky-labels to avoid confusion and I use a reusable cable tie(amazing…) for corralling my mouse cord everyday after use(ya!! I don’t use a Bluetooth one…don’t trust them things…).



I hope it helps you…..ciao.



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