Organizing Spices for an Indian Kitchen


Why am I adding the ‘Indian kitchen’ as a suffix….?? Well, mostly, because there is no dearth of spices in an Indian kitchen…we have at-least five staple spices going in each dish. While, I do have a spice box(masaldani) this post is about how I keep my spices stored and organized. I have two pull out drawers dedicated to them in my rental kitchen and I chose the closest drawer (to the stove) for my most used and daily used spices, that they share with some cutlery and food processor accessories.



A word about these mason jars that I ordered from urban dazzle…..AMAZING. I switched to glass jars a while back and I am still in the process of converting all my food storage to non-plastic options (why?), I highly recommend these if you intend to do the same.


The bigger ones (above) hold spices like turmeric, red chilly powder and the small ones(below) hold cardamoms or black mustard seeds.


I also take special curry spices out of their packaging immediately and place them in these little glass jars with plastic lids. Tip: Write down the expiration date on the label as well, I have thrown many a spices because I have forgotten how old they were.


I keep my least used spices in a narrow drawer at the far corner (only available drawer space suitable to hold these jars)in the kitchen. I do not indulge in over labeling and leave a few small mason jars unnamed, that I wish to use for the flavor of the season(pun-intended).


I have provided the links for the mason jars below, the urban dazzle ones(2 & 3) were expensive but they came with their own set of labels that can be adorned on the jar’s side as well as the lid while the Roxx jars are pretty basic but they are a great budget option and you can always make your own labels.spice-cabinet-organization-9

1. Roxx Kitchen Love Jar 2. Borgonovo Gold jar – 156 ml 3. Borgonovo Gold jar – 314g

Tip: Always measure your drawer depth before you order a bigger size of jars.

I hope it helps you…..ciao.



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