How to Clean your Bathroom {Checklist and Tips}


A CLEAN bathroom is a myth. I obsesses over cleaning my bathroom, won’t do anything about it and will finally end up breaking my back scrubbing the gunk because I have to suddenly do it all in one fine day (mostly because guests are coming over), like a maniac. I know that I should have proceeded in parts but blame my over-excited(part lazy) self. The weird thing is that it would be on its way to being obsessed over again within a few hours only. Add to that shouting at my hubby “do not walk in there I just cleaned it!!” and so goes on, what I like to call, THE-MEAN-BATHROOM-CYCLE.

I don’t actually believe my bathroom is capable of being mean. I just feel that I set myself up for failure as I do not indulge in a daily routine, interspersed with some weekly and monthly tasks, in order to tackle the-mean-bathroom. I knew the idea of a routine was great in theory but I know I will fall off the wagon in a few days, unless I have something motivating me. A checklist, framed and hung in the bathroom to remind me and hopefully make me follow a cleaning regime and avoid future back-breaking-scum-cleaning sessions, seemed like a good option(and an excuse to create some pretty graphics in teal) to me.

So that monologue brings us to the graphic below. I have kept the checklist pretty basic with less text and more graphics to let you identify your tasks on the basis of the images and what they mean in context of your bathroom/s. Like, I do not have shower walls so I did not include cleaning them anywhere but, the squeegee icon under weekly tasks could mean that Thursday is the day to wipe shower walls for some of you.

bathroom-cleaning-checklistDownload Pdf here “Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Some Tips for the clean freaks:

1. Include wiping the switch plates in your cleaning routine as well, do make sure it is not on a day you are handling major wet cleaning.

2. Wipe and clean other hardware with chrome finish like towel bar or shower rod on the day you clean the faucets with 10 drops of oil in 2 tablespoons of vinegar, it gets them shining and keeps the water stains off for a few days.

3. Keep every Sunday for one monthly task, or to pick up any task you skipped during the week.

4. Scrubbing grout should not be done in one day, so divide the floor tile space in 2-3 sections you want to handle one at a time with other easier tasks like wash rugs or clean medicine cabinet.

5. Always keep a tab on your cleaning supplies and switch to natural products like vinegar, borax & baking soda.

6. Bag your shower in a pool of vinegar and leave overnight ,all the deposited salts will disappear,  also use the leftover vinegar for floor cleaning purposes.

7. Put some baking soda on the grout lines between the tiles and spray on diluted vinegar, let it sit for 10-20 minutes and then scrub with an old toothbrush.

8.  Make your own glass cleaner with equal parts vinegar and water(purified), also add some drops of essential oils(link below) or vaporizer oils(I use IRIS in Lavender) which are cheaper for fragrance.


1. Squeegee 2. Tile Brush 3. Microfiber Cloth Rags 4. Gloves 5. Floor Squeegee 6. Vaporizer Oil 7. Mop 8. Essential Oil

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