How to Plan a Gallery Wall {from Scratch}

To order or not to order???? I have had these really cute framed posters added to my pepperfry cart for a few weeks now. Every time I finally decide to go ahead with “make payment”, fear grips me and I withdraw. I am just not sure whether I am equipped to handle a gallery wall design so early in my blogging life. So I decided to take a little software help and with a bit of rearranging over and over again, now there are finally five options which I deemed blog-worthy.

Now, what I want is teal, black and white theme, with mixed statement pieces like a decorative mirror,a wooden number(or alphabet), empty frame/shelves (negative spaces), a Chaplin Poster (hubby’s request), a chalkboard wall hanging, multicolored canvas(that shows my love for tea) all surrounded with smaller pieces.

Down below I am attempting self criticism to finalize one option(hopefully). Ahem! Ahem!

Option 1: First attempt, It’s fine just seems horizontally elongated, the vertical & horizontal proportions are off and there is obvious room for improvement.

Gallery Wall 1

Option 2: All the color the is concentrated in the center and the statement pieces are fighting for attention.

Gallery Wall 2

Option 3: The color is floating across the composition and not concentrated in one place, the negative spaces are also spaced out. Something is off, just can not put my finger on it, it could be that the Chaplin poster just feels like it is pushed out and I could do without it, but I (read hubby) really want it.

Gallery Wall 3

Option 4: I like the stream lined shape at first glance, but I do not want the biggest piece in the middle.

Gallery Wall 6

Option 5: Composed and Symmetrical, appears finished. I m still not happy though(sigh!!!!).

Gallery WallSources: Art Street Blue framed poster Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Art Street White framed poster ‘&’Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle, Love framed poster, Black classic Motorcycle Poster



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