How to Plan a Gallery wall {Ideas and Inspiration}


I am no expert, but I am sharing a few tips and inspirations for planning a gallery wall that I have gathered while deciding what pieces to zero on (here).

1. Scour pinterest to settle on a theme and then look for the pieces, not the other way around. I wanted a motivational posters only theme, simply because my understanding of art is nothing to boast of and a family or memory wall would be ideal for more private family space.

2. After your theme is decided, pick a color scheme in odd numbers i.e. 3 to 5 dominant colors. Three colors would be ideal for starters as the more colors you want to incorporate the harder it would be decide on what pieces to place and where. I chose a black-white-teal theme with a very few hints of other colors (inspired by the image below).


3. Decide your statement pieces, these could be based on size, framing, colors or decoration value. I chose the framed wooden number(framing), the multicolored canvas(color), the mirror(decorative value/shape) and Chaplin poster(based on size) to be my statement pieces.


4. Do not pick all same sized frames or prints if you want an eclectic and random feel. Buy some small prints or decorative pieces to fill the spaces between the statement pieces. Also, buy prints with horizontal (the motorcycle poster) and vertical orientation to give you more placement options while composing the wall.

5. Intentionally  place the statement pieces off-center (below) and fill the spaces in between with the smaller pieces.


6. Bring in some variety with shelves and wall hangings to break away from the 2-D feel of framed prints and add some depth.


7. Let the color travel in your composition by keeping the pieces with same dominant color at a distance from each other and not concentrated in one place.


8. Do not use more than 2-3 styles and color for frames as a beginner. If you find it too mundane then vary the style but not the color. Black-white-brown, brown-beige-black, gold-black-white are some common themes. Make sure you have at least two of every color.


9. Embrace negative space. Give your eyes a breather by infusing empty frames or shelves in between busy pieces.






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