Pantry Organization {Pulses and Dry Goods}


I have finally learnt that kitchen organization can not magically happen overnight, you have to prioritize, be patient and move one cabinet at a time. I tackled spices, a corner cabinet, glassware and now on to dry goods and pulses. So, a very simple organization project to share today. There are a lot of dry goods in the kitchen, but I am focusing only on the pulses stored on one of the bottom shelves in my kitchen.


I knew I wanted mason jars for the pulses as they offer clarity and are a healthier option for long term dry goods storage. I like that these jars come in a set of three sizes, it gives me an option of swapping the lessening quantities to smaller jars.


I have realized it’s all about accessibility, anything you need in your kitchen most frequently should adorn the lower most shelves. I chose to make this particular shelf multi-functional because of its location and added some other dry goods including spices and ground nuts in a revolving organizer, also called as turntable or lazy susan (don’t ask why), as it makes it easier to grab them without taking all the other jars out of the way.


I just needed an excuse to put up a gif here as I have recently learnt how to make them. 😀



 1. Jars 2. Turntable Organizer

Tip: Always measure your drawer depth before ordering these jars and organizers as you would need comfortable distance from the edge to take them out securely.

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