DIY Binder Cover

Today I have a really simple DIY/up-cycle/re-purpose project to share with you. I had the oldest, nastiest binder lying around at the bottom of a pile of unused stationary and at the first glance it did not seem redeemable to me. But necessity drives creativeness, I was in need of an additional binder as my current one was bursting at the seams, so I decided to just play nice with this one I had at hand.


The steps to be followed made me nostalgic as they are pretty much like covering a notebook from school days. Before you start, make sure you’re using a binder with enough capacity to hold all of your materials.

Step 1: Choose a wrapping paper of your choice and cut it as per the size of your binder while leaving at least an inch as margin on all sides.


Step 2: Using a spray adhesive(it gives the best finish), cover the binder with it all over in an even layer and quickly stick the paper with margins on all sides. Roll the cut paper first and unfold it as you go along the binder, sticking it to surface as you unfurl it, else it will stick everywhere and create unnecessary sticky patches.

Step 3: Fold the margins on the inside and cut them if required before you tape them off (shown in the pics below).



Step 4: The next step is a completely optional step since my binder was a really old one I decided to paint the binder rings gold and sanded them before I taped them with masking tape while carefully cutting it as per the shape (shown below).


Step 5: Spray it in your chosen finish, do not worry about the spill on the sides as I am going to cover it and the ugly taped edges in the next step.


Step 6: Measure and cut the desired rectangular sheets of paper and stick on the left over spaces.


AND we are done…..


Here are the products used.


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One thought on “DIY Binder Cover

  1. Thank you! I love this….I have a smaller size binder I want to save and re-purpose and this is perfect. I never thought about repainting the metal parts with gold. I’d much rather recycle than throw away something that’s still useful, too.


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