Free Bridal Checklist + Tips to Plan an Indian Wedding

I was a bride quite recently and survived a nerve-racking long-distance planning. Throughout which I so missed a planned system or a checklist that could guide me through my tasks, to-dos and must-haves. There are always last minute emergencies and unforeseen changes that comprise an Indian wedding. The myriad functions, the ceremonies, the multitude of guests can easily get the most organized bride overwhelmed.

A great quirk that comes with the weddings in India is the partaking of responsibilities by family members, cousins or uncles and the sheer zeal with which they participate. But at times it can lead to confusion, mismatches or a beautiful mess. As a bride it would be heavenly to be oblivious to the trivial details and focus on the immediate biggies like your dresses and makeup (and the marriage too) but most of the time we can not help but indulge in micromanaging. If you are one of those lucky brides who have ample time between their big date and the onset of planning, then you should make the best out of it and get actively involved in process from early on to avoid last minute rushes and glitches.

I have created this checklist for those of you who have 6 or more months before they tie the knot but it can easily be modified to suit your timeline. It would be advised that you do not take up all of these listed responsibilities on yourself but rather took a cue from them and assigned them to someone in the family depending on their interest or willingness.


Download pdf here {Wedding Checklist}


1. Start early and delegate responsibilities, also actively create pinterest boards and follow wedding blogs to get a feeling for the trending styles. Create WhatsApp groups of all your favorite people bridesmaids/family/cousins to share the ideas and get opinions.

2. If you intend on hiring a candid photographer then you should know that they get booked for auspicious dates months in advance and if you are clear on who you want then let this be the first professional you hire.

3. Decide on your trousseau limit, make it clear that you want to choose garments only yourself (if you are super picky like me) and do not accept (even as a courtesy) from relatives or the well meaning MIL, costly garments that you do not intend to wear, be polite and ask for exchanges. Shop wisely and keep classy timelessness in mind.

4. Do not forget to utilize surveying, shopping and fitting trips to bond with in-laws.

5. Always carry a tablet or large screen phone with your ideas and inspirations from pinterest boards to show vendors, shopkeepers and MUA.

6. Carry your matching bindi (forehead decorative) with you, unless you will be okay (and not freak out) with what your MUA presents at the last minute.

7. Let any of your allergies or sensitivities be known to everybody involved with the wedding, if it is turmeric, any flowers, any foods, henna chemicals etc. It is your day everything can be and will be altered to suit you. Just make sure you inform everyone.

More importantly do not forget to relax and enjoy the process…….. which I know is not easy, but I have to write it because I think I might have panicked you with the checklist.



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