Diwali Cleaning Tips + Free Checklists


DIWALI is ALMOST HERE. I love this festival, well…..whats not to love there is Rangoli making, decorating for the puja, lighting up the house, gorging on mithai aka calories, playing some poker all rolled into one big happy and crazy day. However, there is one thing I dread when the Diwali season is almost upon, its the massive top to bottom home cleaning drive you have to take up before the LAKSHMI PUJA (well I dread firecrackers too…its 12 am people!!).

I have always equated Diwali cleaning in India to spring cleaning practiced by most of the colder nations. All the American blogs I have been following, like a fan girl, have done extensive posts and printables on Spring Cleaning and that was pretty much the inspiration here. I admire the value of a good and thorough checklist for streamlined and comprehensive task fulfillment, especially for cleaning and especially for moi. At times I have vacuumed a carpet and then dusted a fan over it to only re-vacuum everything, as all the gunk fell on it (dunce cap moment).

Diwali cleaning is not only a traditional/cultural chore, it is actually a very practical thing to do. The seasonal change is brought upon right around this festival and we bring out warmer clothes and close the open windows, it would make more sense to do any cleaning now, just like Spring Cleaning (obsessed!!).

After that massive prologue that proved nothing other than my obsession with spring cleaning, I want to finally share with you the three FREE CHECKLISTS I have prepared for my Diwali cleaning this year. I do believe that you should start right after dussehra. But if you do it a week before Diwali than you would be in need for a system as it could easily get very hectic, so embrace these checklists and chant them like a mantra because they are going to get you through it.

A word ( 😛 ) about the checklists, I have three of them depending on the area of the house your are targeting on a particular day/s. I will also share some favorite tools for cleaning that have become my staples. In the end we will have some extra tasks from around the house as well as some helpful tips.

Bathroom Checklist

I have shared this checklist previously in a weekly, monthly format here. This one follows the same tasks only providing extra space to write down your own personal tasks for everyday at the bottom. There is also a check box under every task to keep a track of finished tasks.


Download here {Bathroom Cleaning Checklist}

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

This checklist also follows a top to bottom approach, it is important you follow the tasks in order. Assign the tasks a date or day depending on the schedule your are following, allot time wisely do not break your back with over excitement (been there!!!).


Download here {Bedroom Cleaning Checklist}

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen cleaning would probably be the most exhausting of all the areas combined. Definitely, allot more days for this area and take it one at a time.


Download here {Kitchen Cleaning Checklist}

Favorite Cleaning Tools 

There are huge sales going on everywhere on online shopping websites, if you have some cleaning supplies to order, snag them now. I have a few favorites that have always been extremely helpful in making all this cleanliness-madness a lot easier, that I am sharing with you today.


1.Spray Mop  2.Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum Cleaner  3.Spray and wipe Squeegee

4.Gloves 5.Euroclean Vacuum Cleaner 6. Microfibre Cloths 7. Telescopic Duster 8. Nylon Bristles Cleaning Brush

Extra Tasks Around the House

  1. Clean Front Door. Wash and vacuum mesh screens anywhere in the house.
  2. Vacuum couch, chairs or any upholstered furniture. Also wash all removable covers from cushions, duvets, mattresses, pillows etc.
  3. Wash all rugs and curtains around the house.
  4. Take down & clean all wall decor Items, even mirrors.
  5. Clean Shoe Rack
  6. Vacuum top of tall furniture
  7. Clean Ventilators/skylights
  8. Move any movable furniture, clean behind and under it.
  9. Wash skirtings around the house


  1. Please do not be disheartened by the sheer number of tasks, there are just a reference point and you can always eliminate the unnecessary.
  2. Involve all family members and make a day out of it, give these printables to your kids as a personal checklist for cleaning their rooms, the pretty graphics might even motivate them.
  3. Try and make this Diwali cleaning drive a GREEN one, use products like Rubbing Alcohol for shining Chrome and steel finishes, Hydrogen Peroxide for stubborn stains, Baking soda for grout and a vinegar:water mixture as an all purpose cleaner.
  4. A top down approach is extremely necessary in all rooms, ceilings first then windows and then the rest of the furniture.
  5. Outsource some of the work when needed, like, do not wash a huge carpet at home give it for dry cleaning, hire professional cleaners or help for one day just have these checklists as a base for telling them what all you want cleaned.
  6. Always put lights and decorations after you have cleaned the balcony/porch/patio areas as the water exposure to electric lights could be risky.
  7. Create a pile for donations as you go cleaning drawers and shelves around the house, if you have not used/read/worn something in the last year chances are you would not for the next year too. Be practical and generous at the same time.



7 thoughts on “Diwali Cleaning Tips + Free Checklists

  1. I love these checklists. They are detailed and lovely! I am a professional organizer and teaching aide in Idaho, USA. Isn’t it wonderful that organizing and cleaning are universal and knows no cultural boundaries. Thank you for posting these.

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