Simple. Functional. Aesthetically Engaging. Conversation Starter.  These would be my top priorities while choosing a coffee table for a modern living room, and I say ‘modern’ intentionally because it does not refer to the latest style or the ‘times’ we are in but rather a vibe, a feel, a design philosophy and an entire period in evolution of furniture design.

One or maximum two raw materials which are married yet speaking their own language in terms of the craftsmanship, is among the most important criteria for a Scandinavian and/or industrial coffee table. Devoid of embellishments Scandinavian furniture is a homage to function, material and craftsmanship. Steel and glass also joined wood and stone in the evolution of furniture in the middle of the century and gave us some functional yet aesthetic designs.

If you are redecorating your living room or just starting from scratch, getting the coffee table to look ‘just right’ can be hard. I can not pick things in any store or online with just a hunch. I usually need more tactical devices, like mood boards to convince my nervous-buyer-syndrome. I have been loving this idea of creating a virtual inspiration and possible final purchase list at the same time, with inspiration boards. I keep on tweaking and finding cheaper options till I am satisfied but they are a great way to start and get things in motion. I am sharing one of the mood boards I have created with a blue-grey theme. It all started with the two art pieces (2 and 3) and I found my inspiration for including gold and `warm organic browns (leather and wicker) in the color scheme from them. Check it out below.

1.White-Grey Bookshelf 2. Gold leaf Art  3. Black and gold Art 4. Wicker Basket 5. Pendant Lamp 6. Gold Bookshelf 7. Wire Baskets 8. Grey Sofa 9. Blue Accent Chair 10. Black White Cushion 11. Kilim Rug 12. Gold Coffee table 13. Shell chair 14. Leather cushion Cover 15. Check Cushion Cover 16. Gold Sequin Cushion Cover 17. Quadro Lines Cushion Cover

This is quiet a universal color scheme that is not very hard to attain. If we were just to swap some accessories like bookshelf and display units as we change the coffee table we can easily create a whole new look. Like below.


  1. Chest of Drawers 6. Black Bookshelf 12. Brown Coffee Table

Below I am listing my favorite coffee tables, that will easily go with the above look, available on the Indian online market space. If the blue-grey theme is a little too much for you, check out the decor inspiration pictures for each of them to find out a color scheme of your choice.

Marble Top Coffee Table



Albert Jasmine Table

This marble top with a golden metal base is a great choice for a colorful as well as subdued minimalist living room decor. Introducing a stone top is that unexpected bit of X-factor that elevates the look of any furniture piece, it is quiet functional too as stone is easy to keep clean.


Blue Velvet Couch, Transitional, Living Room, Claire Zinnecker Design

Medium Finish – Origami Metallic Base Coffee Table


Natural Brown Table

This design has a reclaimed industrial feel to it. The geometric metal base adds visual interest and will look equally good on plain or visually interesting rugs.


Glass and Metal Terraced Coffee Table


Coffee table cube

This piece is a definite eye candy for any glamorous living room decor. The glass terraces are great for displaying your collections or coffee table books. It has a lot of visual weight and commands its presence in the living room.

Pink Rug with Striped Curtains

Light Finish – Hair Pin Legs Coffee Table

Oslo Coffee Table Natural,Coffee Tables

Oslo coffee table

This is a versatile coffee table that will be at home in any casual, industrial and modern living room. It has little visual weight and also has a light toned wood finish that makes it a versatile design option for cool, warm and even neutral color palate.

Pallet wood- Distressed Metal Coffee Table


Metallic Coffee Table

Reclaimed pallet wood encased in distressed metal in a box like form, this design is an amazing industrial piece that will instantly at home in any minimalist neutral or cool living room.


Glass and Metal Origami Coffee Table

Asian Arts Chinoiserie Crystal Coffee Table Golden,Coffee Tables

crystal coffee table

This coffee table is a rather small one and can serve as a side table too. It can be ideally paired with a small couch or accent chairs to create a seating nook. It carries very little visual weight and will pair very well with all color palettes because it is virtually transparent. The major attraction is the origami metallic base and it pairs very well with geometrically patterned rugs.

Origami Side Table - Glass/Antique Brass

Origami Side Table - Glass/Antique Brass

Two Tone Live Edge Coffee Table

Living Express Live Edge Coffee Table Teak,Coffee Tables

Live edge Table

Live edge tables are a great way to bring natural organic forms in your living room decor. The above piece with its rustic-two-toned-cabin-design look will bring outdoors right in the middle of your living room.


Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


Brown coffee table

This reclaimed wood rustic coffee table is a great piece when you are leaning industrial or farmhouse with your decor inspiration. This design has moderate visual weight and will pair well with mid century modern furniture too.

Rustic Modern Architect Coffee Table made of reclaimed wood

I hope it helps you in picking your perfect coffee table.


Inspiration Image Sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



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