Perpetual Calendar Printable


Hello 2016!!! What better way to start the new year than with a resolution. A resolution to follow a time table and stop making excuses for not being able to post on time.

I have the concentration span of a gold fish, and it is that one trait I would wish for my future generations (if any!!!) to dodge from inheriting in some way. Someone like me badly needs a nudge (read kick) and sometimes hard talk to compel me to follow a system. I make big plans in my head, but I fail to put things in action.

I find making notes, setting a time table and creating to-do lists really help in getting back on track. I was finding it a little hard to find a calendar printable online that was not month or year bound, I know ‘it doesn’t make any sense….you need the days marked and how am I gonna find out when is the weekend???’ But I somehow feel that since I do not really prescribe to the Monday-Friday schedule and I can always mark the weekends on my own, I would create something a little more universal and adaptable to any month and year. Skipping on the days saved me a lot of space in an A4 format for writing important daily tasks and add some monthly notes at the bottom as well. This printable can also be laminated or framed and you can use water-removable markers to create schedules, just erase to re-use it easily for next month.

The printable has a blank space for month and year at the top, two check boxes for daily tasks in the date boxes and space for notes (important tasks, things-to-do) at the bottom. The box size is sufficient to mark weekends and also highlight some reminders like a bill due date or a doctor’s appointment.

Download here “Perpetual Calendar Printable



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