Menu Planner and Editable Grocery List Printables


I am not a good cook…correction…I am not a cook. Its not that I did not try…I did….and I was no good, so now I hate it even more. Good-luck future children, I do not see any homemade cookies in your future. If it were completely up to me then we would live off cheese sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But sadly I am not the only one to be fed here and I have to take normal people and their food into consideration.

I was in need of a system that did not make me fret over food and kitchen anymore than I wanted to. So, pretty graphics came to my rescue. Maintaining my pantry in that tiny kitchen and knowing what is to be cooked….let’s call that….my version of edible food…for the rest of the week were the easiest organizational changes to make things a little more streamlined here.

All Hail MENU PLANNING!!! It is a great strategy for keeping your home stocked with healthy vegetables, fruits and snacks while ensuring that you do not waste any good produce by over purchasing. For me that means no more running to stock up on vegetables in the middle of the week. So, today I am sharing with you a menu planner printable and a 4 page editable grocery list that have changed my life for good (overselling..!!??).

The Grocery List or Inventory is a comprehensive assortment of consumables in every Indian home that you can use as a base list for your monthly run to the supermarket. The major categories of items listed are Food (dry goods and spices), Cleaning products and Toiletries or the key items to be bought frequently to keep your home running like a well oiled machine.

The menu planner below features a weekly format for all your three meals and planning these every weekend right before your supermarket visit will be a good start to smarten your grocery shopping. Just, list down the ingredients you will need, check your pantry and fridge to eliminate or add and compile a full shopping list. Get any produce from last week’s leftovers on to weekends or Monday’s menu. Do not forget to include some healthy snacks and desserts in your shopping list too.Weekly-Menu-Planner-printable

Download here { Weekly Menu Planner Printable }

The Grocery List is editable in Adobe Acrobat, if you do not have Acrobat then just print out the pdf below and write additional items in specific categories. I have left a lot of blank spaces to help you with that. The multiple columns are for writing the dates on top and putting a tick or writing a quantity in front of items you need to buy. After you have gone around the house checking on your stock piles and filling in the list, just make a final note of all the needed items separately. Trust me it is not easy carrying a 4 page document to a supermarket (been there!!).


Download here { Free Editable Grocery List Printable }

Well I have had this system in place for sometime now and I can happily say that hardly any produce goes to waste in my house and I have been eating a lot healthier since I have a weekly menu in front of me to balance out a decadent meal with a tiny lunch or no dessert.

I hope it helps you. Ciao.





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