Decor 101: Black, White and Gold Living Room {with tribal accents}


Black, white and gold decor is like a classic LBD for the living room, doesn’t disappoint and looks fabulous when done right. Too much black in the living room can get overwhelming though. Some people do have the knack of making all black living room look artistic and mystical. But it is not easy, while creating this look I came across various amazing black, white and gold living rooms and I tried to decipher the decor fundamentals that made them look that great. Sharing those with you today with a mood board and links at the end.

1. Pledge your Loyalty to either White or Black

You have to chose sides really early on with black and white decor. If you want a light mood with bright and airy feel then decide on white as the dominant color or if your are leaning toward a warmer glamorous and moody look then zero in on black. Preferably, use gold only as an accent in your accessories. Include more gold in brighter shades if you want more glamour or just settle for few gold accents in dull shades if you want a more subtle look.

White Dominant Living Room Decor (above)

Hints of Gold

High on Bling, Glamorous Black Dominant Living Room (above)

2. Learn to Love Pattern

Pattern and prints will make any look more appealing, they add a great visual interest. Intricate white/black patterns appear grey and white/gold patterns appear beige, indirectly adding some virtual colors to your three color decorating scheme. Use pattern in various scales and in different elements to add depth in your decor.

This living room displays white-black pattern used at three levels (Above)

Three Scales of Geometric Pattern in the cushions (above)

3. Use Complimentary Wood Finishes

You do not have to only use painted black, white or metallic furniture pieces. Experiment and combine wood finishes, as long as they compliment each other and have similar undertones you will have a cohesive decor.

Jiawei hp (98159078:

In the living room above, gold lights and a yellow-gold undertone table create a warm and cozy feel.

weisse-Wohnzimmermoebel-modern-creme-farbe-braun-Sofa-Sessel-weiße Wohnzimmermöbel

This look (above) uses natural maple (pink undertone) and minimal gold accents to keep the look leaning on cool.

weisse-Wohnzimmermoebel-modern-deko-Bilder-weiße Wohnzimmermöbel

Go white with all your furniture finishes and use a little gold and black for accents to keep things light and breezy looking (above).


Above, the pine sofa with yellow-orange undertones combines beautifully with that walnut bench with golden-red undertones. If you look further closely the sofa wood compliments the bright gold in the inner rim of the pendant light fixture and bench compliments the dull antiqued gold of the mantel top mirror. Let the accessories of your choice also tell you what wood finishes to use.

My Inspiration for this look was a tribal art piece in black and white. Tribal art forms offer interesting pattern and intricate details while celebrating the Indian indigenous diversity. Combining them with straight lines and technical finesse of modern pieces makes an interesting composition. I pledged my loyalty to white and evenly distributed black/gold accessories. I also included a wire theme with the rug, the black chair, the coffee table, the basket and the box all echoing a criss-cross pattern.

black white gold living room decor

If you like the above look, I have included the links to the articles below.

black-white-gold-living-room-decor-links1.Art Street Sparkle Print 2.Chest with Ceramic Drawers 3.Alphabet Paperweight 4.Hand-painted Art  5. Cortina Mosaic Pattern Curtains 6. Jainsons Octagon Pendant Light 7.Medallion Cushion Cover 8.Kota Cushion Cover 9.Gold Bookshelf 10.White-Tan Sofa 11.White Kilim Rug 12.Gold Coffee Table 13.Orange Tree Floor Lamp 14.Vienna Serving Bowl 15. White Gold Coasters 16. Saura Art Painted Bottle 17. Fenestra Tealight 18. Zoro Candle Stand 19. Fabindia Golden Vase 20. Indecrafts Wire Basket 21. The Yellow Door Ikat Box 22. @home Delmonte Bench 23. Wilbur Chair 24. Grey Knitted Pouf 25. Asian Arts Two Tier Side Table


Inspiration Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67, 8



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