Decor 101: Red, Tan and Beige Romantic Living Room


February turns into a month of romantic celebrations in this family (just like most) filled with multiple anniversaries and the daunting Valentine’s day. The gift giving game is upped and gets on par with Diwali, but the reliable mithai ka dabba (box of sweets) will not do, although now I want to see that happen, a bunch of motichoor ladoos in a heart shaped box as a V-day gift (please read on!! ignore this feeble attempt at humor).

I have been uncomfortable with Valentine’s celebrations in the past while single (ha ha), dating and later married. But having been in a committed relationship for this long, all the cheesy gestures I would fake-vomit-off to are the ones that get me bawling. In the Valentine’s month we feel pressurized or peer-ssurized (fancy a bad wordplay??) to go all out on the gifts. I do not really care about the price tag, if it is thoughtful, novel and something I needed badly, I get strangely happy/emotionally welled up/teenager-like.

I have, not-so-strangely, always associated red with polarizing vibes of danger and romance. A red themed living room is a strong visual statement and can easily get overwhelming on the eyes. But when balanced out with warm neutrals and earthy tones it can be a cozy look, like you are ‘cuddled in a warm blanket on a hot bed with socks on‘ cozy. Now, that would be the ideal decor for a causal yet cozy living room for your valentine/anniversary date. I love the idea of decorating for valentine’s day on a color theme, not with balloons, garlands and glitter (who would vacuum that) but with more versatile and out of the box accessories (ahem…early valentine gift to self!!).  Check out the tips below with decor accessories that can also turn into valentine gifts and transform your living room into a tasteful red-themed-romantic lounge for two.

1.Take the Chocolates ‘out of the box’

Chocolates are a valentine’s day staple but there are some desserts that get our saliva glands in overdrive and dieting out of the window. What would I give to see apple pies on a tiered platter!! So, instead of chocolates how about a platter full of your loved ones’s favorite desserts. That would make for an interesting and mouthwatering sweet/coffee table. If you are still going for the traditional chocolates swap them out of the box and display in a beautiful platter, like this one, along with chocolate dipped strawberries. Check out the link below (4) for a DIY recipe.


Clockwise from top left: 12 (Buy), 3 (Buy), 4

2. Handmade Box for Jewelry 

While presenting the special someone a piece of jewelry or watch yo will see that, a lot of customized, restored or vintage jewelry might not come in great looking packages or if they do it is usually a run-of-the-mill velvet box. Just add the same thoughtfulness to the packaging and go for a handmade wooden box with their initials engraved that also makes a great ornament for the decor.


Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3 (Buy), 4

3. Customized Coasters 

You can DIY or order customized cork coasters with names and quotes pretty easily. But if you are not down with the idea of love quotes on coasters then go cheeky with the wordplay (3) or make some with a DIY colorful pattern (4).


Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3 (Buy), 4

4. DIY Bar for Two

If you do or do not own a full  fledged bar and wanna take your celebration to the rooftop, terrace or poolside then a Bar Caddy will be a practical decor investment. Assuming your party is private and for two this could easily be a great way to take your drinks with you. If you do not wish to celebrate outside then just take a vintage trunk/suitcase and convert it into a quirky improvised bar for your living room.


Clockwise from top left: 1, 2 (Buy), 3 , 4 (Buy)

5. Personalized cushions

Cushion covers are the easiest accessories to change around in your living room. You can gift or decorate with a customized or lettered cushion cover or invest in a complementing pair that is timeless (3).


Clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3 a & b, 4 (Buy)

Keeping in my mind the cozy romantic feel, I have created a mood board with red, beige and tan elements which appears warm and sophisticated but without danger-red accents. I was smitten with spherical/circular forms and a lot of accessories like the wooden box, the shelf, the coffee and side table reflect that. The look is made rich with ornate and detailed hand made pieces like the antique mirror, the photo frame and the chandelier. This love-seat for the couple to lounge on is a decadent red and is pretty much the inspiration behind the mood board and the statement piece. Beige accents in the curved couch, rug and the trunk are the neutral accessories of choice to mellow the red without taking any attention away from it. Leather and burlap are the textures incorporated in the couch and cushion that lend a natural tan color to look. The wooden pieces are also purposefully chosen in a rough natural finish with a common warm golden-brown undertone to blend in with all the beige and tan. The whites in the look are varied from eggshell to ivory to off-white while avoiding a pure white to complement and maintain the warmth of the theme.


If you like anything in the above look check out links for the accessories and furniture pieces provided below.



1. Asian Arts Round Metal and Wood Bookshelf 2. Red Vintage Mirror 3. Beer with me cork coasters 4. Ball Showpiece  5. Red Photo frame 6. Beige Canvas Trunk  7. Antique Vineyard Chandelier 8. Isaguchi Sofa 9. Brown Linen Cushion 10. Beaded Stripe Cushion 11. Textured colorful Cushion 12. Alphabet Cushion Cover 13. Red Embroidered Cushion Cover 14. Oblate Secret Box  15. Rectangular Serving Platter 16. Wooden Bar Basket 17. Red Loveseat Sofa 18. Round coffee table in black and brown 19. Wingback Leather Chair 20. Mosaic Candle holder 21. Kolmio Red Side Table (sold out)

Header Image Source: Center



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