Hacks for Home: How to Store Medicines

how to organize medicines and ointments

I aspire to evolve our home with new ideas, solutions and inspirations. Some changes that I make are meaty enough to share and have been a part of my blogging journey, others are really small,  although with a great impact but never made the cut to feature. This series of posts is like a cheat -sheet on HOME -HACKS or simple (mostly organizational) projects that I have taken up around our home and I hope reading on you also will take a page from my book (excuse the lame reference to the opening image). 

Today, as the first post in this series, I want to share how I store all the medicines in the house. I must tell you though that despite a doctor in the family, we stay away from the habit of complete reliance on allopathic treatment. We are not against it (doctor in the family…..remember) but the idea is to not go pill-happy at the ‘drop of a sneeze’. We are not medicine hoarders (anymore) but our little stash of drugs ( 😀 ) is stocked with basics like first aid supplies, ointments, drops etc. and some leftover medicines from any recent prescriptions till they expire.

However,even with a littlest stash the increased doubling of same medicines, the intense rummaging to find that one aspirin when struggling with a headache and having endless what-the-heck-is-Norflox Tz-actually-for moments, we realized a new system was needed.

To end the confusion of figuring out which-is-which I categorized what we had on hand with prescription papers and endless googling. We then used Plastic Stackable Drawers to house each individual category and label them accordingly. Check it out below.

organized medicines in stackable drawers

Do not worry! It does not say KILLERS on the top drawer as a WARNING (or may be it does…??)…..I realized after I was done preparing the post but I like it now…so no changes there.


Between the two sets of drawers we frequently use the small 3 tier one as it houses ointments, some drops, first aid basics (hence the ‘+’ sign), thermometer and indigestion or stomach flu related medicines. My MIL takes Blood pressure medicine daily so to avoid her any inconvenience it is still kept in the same bin along with some of her other daily medications.

I would urge you, if you have kids around, to create a separate first aid box with all the basics you might need in case of small cuts or emergencies. This drawer system is better suited for all the occasional pharmaceutical supplies of your house. Below I am listing some products that can be helpful in organizing your medicines and first aid. Products 1,2 & 3 are suggestions, I do not personally use them yet so I can not recommend them but they have good user ratings on Amazon, products 4 and 5 were used in this project.


1.Medicine Organizer Box 2. Milton Medical Box  3. Round Stack-able Pill Box 4. Plastic Drawers wit 4 tiers 5. Epson Labelworks LW-400


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