Hacks for Home: Organizing Credit/Debit and Loyalty Cards


Is your household also sent into a frenzy when you can not find that one little wretched debit card? “I kept it right here!! I swear!!” is what we hear a lot in this house when that happens. Soon, it’s a full blown Missing Cards’s Case, witnesses are called, testimonies recorded, last known whereabouts traced (if only there was CCTV footage), theories fly, arguments ensue and after countless attempts at blatant blame shifting, we finally give up. Fast forward to five days, that little guy was hiding in a blazer pocket.

If this slightly ( 😀 ) exaggerated chain of events do ring true, then it would be a crime to not employ this system in your home, it is that easy and cheap. All you need is a cheque sized expansion folder with labels and no more search parties.

I decided to go for an accordion style folder against a business card holder (a popular choice among bloggers) as I frequently access my debit cards to transfer them in my wallet (read about it here) as per the need of the hour rather than carrying all of them the whole time. I have always found replacing cards in the plastic slots of business card holders a little too tedious and if I were to do that daily, that system would collapse. However, this relatively fuss free apparatus works smoothly. We do have less cards than usual, as to go debt free we discontinued all our credit cards a while back and cut them (after paying up) in half like Rachel in ‘Friends’, it was so fun.


This cheque sized expansion folder (buy here) is my favorite organizing tool of late. I have squeezed it inside my handbag and the contents remain where they are, as I make sure the clasp is fastened at all times. I labeled the front and stuck a metal bookplate around to make it look more customized. My only complaint with this folder would be the excessively large and sticky label it came with and that too on the front side. I removed it but it’s sticky remnants still form a hazy film on the right side. I just thought I should mention that even though there are no real complaints from the product functionally.


I also labelled (my label-maker) the inside tabs with easily recognized abbreviations and placed the cards in each slot. I have learnt to always keep things uncomplicated when organizing for all, sometimes my systems do not readily agree with everyone in the house, so now I consult them and then label.


The front tabs are labelled after the bank names and all cards from each bank are sorted and stored accordingly.


The back slots are labeled for all loyalty/gift cards divided by categories like cosmetics, clothing, shopping and dining. I also placed any medical insurance or hospital identification related cards in the leftover last slot.


Just place this little organizer near your wallet or next to your emergency cash or checkbooks. No more card gone missing drama, at least there has not been any in this house. Kinda miss playing detective. Naaahhh!! not really.



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