Password Log Free Printable

password-log-printable-free-headerThe recent demonetization is an insult to injury for this mathematically-challenged-cash-dependent-numerophobe. Now, while budgeting, I gotta look at 5 online statements and do the math while pulling at my hair. I struggle with the arithmetic (even with calculators) like a chimpanzee would at roller blades. Actually, I take that back, we have no competition there, not only does Googling prove that they are better, they also manage to look cute while doing it.

I am pretty sure, as a closeted hypochondriac, that I suffer from a number specific memory loss. I have started many a stories with ” In 19…..I can’t recall the year precisely..” to have ultimately lost my audience. Needless to say, I was predestined to have a hate-hate relationship with any (already hard to remember) banking passwords and ids.

As a serial chrome-addicted-password-saver, I just go blank when my banking login page appears. It gets further complicated when you are using multiple cards to make daily transactions. Ideally, I should have started documenting all these passwords, like yesterdays ago. But now, innumerable “Forgot Password” rituals later, I have learnt my lesson. Today’s free printable is a godsend for keeping my sanity, when tracking our daily/weekly expenses and I could kick myself blue for not adapting this sooner.


Download Here Free Password Log Printable

The printable makes it very easy to categorize your website information, by person or type. I would recommend using one printable per person in your family and then sub-categorize with banking, shopping and work. You have to make sure to keep these secret, better yet encrypt the passwords with an easy personal key. Just keep this one safe.

I hope it helps you, ciao.


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