Organized Cash Wallet


As the progeny of a no-bargain-no-purchase mother, I have been conditioned to never let my money be seen, which is incidentally the first line of the first chapter in any thrifty mom’s handbook. I definitely did not inherit her bargaining chops but I do believe in the mantra. So, while looking for a wallet, I realized that traditional flip clasps were not really living up to my rather unreasonable requirements. My ever so wandering eyes ultimately settled on pouches for the job, for they really excelled at camouflaging the moolah. But using a pouch also meant that I will have to endlessly dig for the huddled up cash, as they rarely come with any compartments. But, as I was seriously hung up on them, I needed to come up with my own system and fast.

I decided against buying anything new and re-purposed a multipurpose pouch from my handbag as a cash wallet. I find it to be just the right size and nondescript enough to not be taken seriously as a wallet. So, it kind of functions as an anti theft device too…..I am just kidding…but in my defense it is the keep-your-money-hidden-genes doing all the talking.

I am sharing with you today this up-cycled pouch, with DIY dividers, using bare minimum supplies and involving very simple instructions. Keep reading for creating the cutest wallet ever (that I know of..!).


1. First, you will have to measure the pouch opening (minus the zipper) and height to cut out a rectangular piece of scrapbooking or cardstock paper. If the paper of your choice is in limited supply, get another spare one with the same GSM to be your trial divider piece.

2. You should leave enough margins to easily wiggle the divider out for further making adjustments. It could get caught in the zip-pull slightly, so be careful and try not to tug at it ferociously (like I did..).

3. Adjust, cut and repeat till you get a snug fit and also consider leaving extra margins for photocorners on either side. It is totally optional but they will secure the corners from curling. You can also use washi tape instead.

4. Before finalizing the height, put on the binder tab to check and see that it does not get caught in the zipper while closing.


Patterned Paper | Photo corners | Binder Tabs

5. Cut out the rest of the dividers by tracing out your trial piece.

6. Stick the corners or washi tape.

7. Stick the staggering tabs and label them according to the denominations you usually carry. I rarely encounter any twenty and fifty notes, so I clubbed them. Insert the dividers one final time and enjoy


In hindsight, I could have easily slid the tabs slightly to the left and only let the text show. It would have avoided any wastage of prime labeling space.


I used to get Sodexo meal coupons, people in India might know of them, they come very tightly stapled and once opened they are extremely hard to keep a hold of. This organizer would have been a great help in handling those fragile little pieces of paper.

If you are using any other traditional wallet like leather, clasped, accordion or zippered, do try to create dividers like these in them. They will add more color, organization and privacy to an already functional piece. It’s an extremely versatile method and it could transform any pouch into an organizer for your cards, coupons, receipts, cash envelope systems or just about anything you wish.

I hope it helps you. Ciao.


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