A Fashion Designer’s Scandinavian Retreat in Bengaluru



“Meet Sumedha aka thefashionmommy, a talented fashion designer at H&M, a Bangalorean by design but Delhi girl at heart, gifted decorator, moonlighting baker and mommy to two lil’ boys, Kabir and Ranbir. Sumedha also has a blog where she chronicles her adventures with motherhood and shares some beautifully put together outfits. Her unique style is a combination of simple elegance, vintage flair and a curated well-traveled aesthetic. Today, she has generously agreed to let us take a peek into her home, where she has effortlessly translated her great taste in fashion to comfortably chic home decor. So, without further ado, handing over the reins to Sumedha.”

Hi Sumedha, tell us your design story.

Design has always been an integral part of my life, personally and professionally. I studied fashion design at NIFT from 1998-2001 and have been working in the garment industry ever since. I also spent 2 years in Milan, first as a student while pursuing my masters and later as a working girl. So, naturally I traveled and explored a lot in and around Italy. This experience has had a big influence on me. Travel has since played a key role in shaping my design sensibility.



Describe your design philosophy.

I’m highly inspired by Swedish interior design and my bi-annual work trips to Stockholm greatly influenced the design while setting up our home. I have also brought in a bit of vintage and whimsy to add a personal touch to the decor.


A highlight in the house is the exposed wood bar Sumedha created in one of the niches.

Tell us about unique light fixture over the entrance & bar.

The light fixture is a bit of a DIY :). We had wanted a nice light feature in  the hallway but not a generic lampshade. On one of my trips to Stockholm I was in the store LAGERHAUS (a favorite and a  must go!) when I saw these black lampshades and loved the simple black lines on them. I picked up a few, not totally sure about how we would use them, but with a vague idea in mind.

Once back, we started talking about how to incorporate them while also searching for light bulbs to complement the shades. Those we found at the light and interior store Purple Turtles along with a copious amount of black wire! A few more lights we picked up online on Amazon.

Next we got an electrician to understand what we needed and got it done. Totally happy with how it turned out and its a highlight for sure in the living space.


Above: Dining room overlooking the entrance.

Your source of inspiration.

A lot of different things inspire me. From amazing posts on Instagram to the stores I visit when I travel, to the movies I watch.


Above: An Industrial Etagere in the living room displays the little knick-knacks beautifully.

This Industrial etagere is such a functional yet beautiful piece.

Indeed. I love the combination of wood with metal. The look gives both a contemporary and rustic vibe. Metal accents are a staple in Scandinavian interiors, echoed in various corners of our home.


Above & Below: Sumedha personalizes her decor with souvenirs and memorabilia  




How do you start a design project? 

I collect a lot of inspiration on Pinterest then figure out the color palette I want to work with. Color being the core of my design process.

What comes first color/texture/pattern? 

Color, texture followed by pattern


Your prized possession.

The art prints we have collected. They add a lot of character to our home.


Form over function or function over form.

It has to be a balance of both.

Tell us about the DIYs in your house.

The entire house feels like one giant DIY. When we moved into this house, there was nothing..no fans or lights. Slowly over time we have built up the space and curated furniture from different online websites as well as some custom pieces.


Your secret design weapon.

Art definitely! We have prints from various artists. All collected while visiting different museums on our travels.




How did you decide on a four poster bed in the master bedroom?

I have always wanted a poster bed and once we were setting up our home here, it was a non negotiable with my husband. 🙂 We got the bed from Pepper Fry and I love it. Its in Mango wood with a natural finish. The combination of voile curtains and four poster bed also adds to the romantic feel.


You have quite a cushion collection.

I love cushions and how they add so much to a space. I can never have enough of them! Which sometimes gets a bit much for my husband 😀 But in the end pretty always wins!


Above: A Plan of the apartment (source 99acres.com)

How do you select the furniture for any room?

One of the challenges when ordering furniture online from different portals, is matching the finish and color of the wood. But after careful consideration and selection we did manage to get it right.

People/blogs/designers you follow online.

Dries Van Noten, Erdem and Valentino are some of my favorite designers

Some blogs I follow- 100layercakeletthesartorialistmeandorla.co.ukelledecoration.se

What are your favorite places to shop?

Online- Nicobar, Gulmohar Lane, Pepper fry, Urban ladder & Good Earth

Local Markets – Nehru Place in Delhi for fabrics, Dilli Haat, Janpath, Hauz Khas and Shahpurjat, Chandni Chowk (even though I live in Bangalore now…I’m still a Delhi girl having spent most of my life there).

Q. Share your designer’s mantra with us.

Fashion fades, only style remains the same. – Coco Chanel



How did you go about designing Kabir’s room?

Kabir’s room has evolved as he has grown. But to begin with, I wanted it to be a space where he could feel and be his creative best.

I chose the theme of a Circus and started building on it. A tent and a canopy from Ikea was the highlight! We’ve together spent many hours sitting inside it, playing hide-and-seek or reading. 🙂


The wooden shelf shaped like a house was customized to have a nice playful display of his prized toys and favorite books.




Your lovely terrace is a rarity in an apartment complex. How did you design it?

The porch area is one of my favorite parts about our apartment. While hunting for houses, both of us were certain that we didn’t want to live in a high rise apartment and were looking for something smaller with a more bungalow like feel to it. We really did get lucky here. It was the last apartment in the property. The outside space is what sold us completely.

My trip and memories of Bali have also played a role in our outlook of this space. We’ve changed things around a couple of times to finally reach where we are today. 🙂


We had to completely redesign the space and also the flora that was planted. Quite a few came from our previous apartment in Koramangala where we were also very lucky to have a big terrace.


Above: Yellow is used as an accent color throughout the terrace.


You utilized a bamboo trellis panel along the wall for a vertical garden. Tell us about that.

The idea was to have as much foliage as we can covering walls and other space in the garden area. It also hides an AC compressor and provides additional privacy to our ground floor apartment. It’s perfect for creepers to grow and while it has taken its sweet time but the final look has been worth it.

You really can never have enough greens!

Your advice to a budding designer, where to start?

Figure out what your personal style/taste is and then build on it. It is important to know that to begin with, so that the story flows as you go along. Mixing too many different sensibilities just makes things confusing and unpleasant to the eye.

A design pet peeve. 

I’m not very fond of overtly kitch decors.

Design mistakes you do not wish on anyone.

Plan well when ordering online. Specially do the measurements twice. It is essential to take the time to match both availability and requirement to avoid disappointments and the stress of returns later.

My personal takeaways from Sumedha’s home are the natural wood finishes, simple clean lines, earthy textures, Scandinavian-Industrial furniture pieces, little collectibles and her black/white art posters. If you too have a home to feature here, please drop me a mail with a few self clicked daylight pictures of your place/project at krati@homedesignwithstyle.com, do not worry about the image quality my blog will bear the professional photography expenses.

Image Credits


Priya Venkatesan (https://www.facebook.com/priyavenkatesanphotography/)

2|9|10|14| Sumedha


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