Decor 101: Vintage-Industrial Living Room

Vintage-Industrial-Living-Room-Decor-headerDepending on if and when I find my pot of gold, my dream living room would be a (cheaper) recreation of any DECOR 101 post, in a heartbeat. As I wait for the magic-wand/genie/home-makeover-show-host to appear, I resort to creating moodboards in preparation (or consolation). Continue reading

Decor 101: Bohemian Living Room


As a serial procrastinator, designing a bohemian mood board felt like writing a surprise multiple choices test, where the possibilities were endless and the indecisiveness relentless. After much stalling, I strangely and aptly realized that, true bohemian design is indeed a product of time and patience. Read More…

Hacks for Home: Organizing Credit/Debit and Loyalty Cards


Is your household also sent into a frenzy when you can not find that one little wretched debit card? “I kept it right here!! I swear!!” is what we hear a lot in this house when that happens. Soon, it’s a full blown Missing Cards’s Case, witnesses are called, testimonies recorded, last known whereabouts traced (if only there was CCTV footage), theories fly, arguments ensue and after countless attempts at blatant blame shifting, we finally give up. Fast forward to five days, that little guy was hiding in a blazer pocket.

If this slightly ( 😀 ) exaggerated chain of events do ring true, then it would be a crime to not employ this system in your home, it is that easy and cheap. All you need is a cheque sized expansion folder with labels and no more search parties. Read More…

Decor 101: Earthy, Natural & Organic Living Room

earhty-natural-living-room-decor-headerLiving in an apartment on the nth floor you miss the ‘earth’, that sounded a lot like an astronaut’s 165th day in the space (I would kill for that view or that job btw). As a non apartment inhabiting person missing his backyard garden, my visiting grandfather seldom often puts his similar feelings in these words “Not living on the ground and not living in the sky, you are stuck somewhere in between”. Read More…

Decor 101: Red, Tan and Beige Romantic Living Room


February turns into a month of romantic celebrations in this family (just like most) filled with multiple anniversaries and the daunting Valentine’s day. The gift giving game is upped and gets on par with Diwali, but the reliable mithai ka dabba (box of sweets) will not do, Read More…