Hacks for Home: Organizing Credit/Debit and Loyalty Cards


Is your household also sent into a frenzy when you can not find that one little wretched debit card? “I kept it right here!! I swear!!” is what we hear a lot in this house when that happens. Soon, it’s a full blown Missing Cards’s Case, witnesses are called, testimonies recorded, last known whereabouts traced (if only there was CCTV footage), theories fly, arguments ensue and after countless attempts at blatant blame shifting, we finally give up. Fast forward to five days, that little guy was hiding in a blazer pocket.

If this slightly ( 😀 ) exaggerated chain of events do ring true, then it would be a crime to not employ this system in your home, it is that easy and cheap. All you need is a cheque sized expansion folder with labels and no more search parties. Read More…

Organizing The Ultimate Junk Drawer

Living in a rental means big time unintentional hoarding. I have accumulated tons of odd hardware, sockets, door knobs and fixtures taken down from the house and stashed into the ‘just in case’ aka the junk drawer. The blogosphere refers to junk drawers as mostly small useful knick-knacks from around the house. This post is a real-world-JUNK drawer transformation.  Read More…

Organizing Kitchen Corner Cabinet

They are the most difficult places in a kitchen to organize….A CORNER CABINET. Here have a look at mine. before kitchen cabinet organization I live in a rental so there is very little I could do to make life easier for me when I have to grab some heavy duty stuff like pressure cookers, huge woks and flour storage box on a daily basis and also it had to be temporary so that I can just grab-n-go whenever we move. The obvious answer to me was a helper shelf (or a fold-able rack) that I could just put there to create some levels and maximize my storage. So I ordered a pair of these online. They have changed the way I access my daily utensils and its so much easier and prettier to look at. I have pushed the least used utensils to the back and since the racks are light and can be easily taken out I will just remove these for a bit if and when I need the things at the back. I love how efficient this little project turned out. Product Used: 1 disha-1936-42457-1-product_432


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