RO water purifier Maintenance tips with Checklist

We have had a stomach bug around the house for a while now and that pretty much resulted in a doubt in all our heads that there might be something wrong with our RO water purifier system. As we called the Whirlpool guys for maintenance on an 8 year old machine, we realized we had no idea about when we carried out the last change of filters, also we didn’t know what was the right time to do so.

I looked at the company’s site to only figure out (with horror) in the manuals that one of those filters have to be changed as frequently as 3 months. So I have a really late new year’s resolution here…..’there is going to be absolutely no negligence from my side on keeping a tab on our water quality’. Alas!!! we are human and we do get embroiled in other things now and then…so I made a CHECKLIST with schedule of our five filters. Some of you may have more filters but 5 is pretty standard. I have included installation and expiry dates and now this printable is a permanent part of my binder. This should be good for me for next 2 years at least and I am super happy that I have contributed my organizing skills for something health related.

RO Maintenance

Download here {RO-printable format}

Some Tips

  1. Buy an additional pre-filter on your next RO maintenance visit and replace the filter yourself after 3 months. All you need is a special spanner for opening the external body of the filter. Ask the maintenance guy to give you one, they are priced between 35-100 rupees. Check out this link here for a 10″ spanner.
  2. Do not ever ignore any drips and leakages from the main body of your purifier system. It could mean booster trouble and that will ruin your machine.
  3. There is an additional ceramic filter located in proximity to water tank in the purifier system to discourage any bacterial growth. This should also be replaced every six months.
  4. Buy an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) only if the total cost is cheaper than visitations and all filters combined. Otherwise, it is quiet easy to keep a tab on filter replacement if you have a system in place. I have not lapsed in any filter maintenance since the checklist.